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Personal Development Programme

The Personal Development Programme is a 12-week course designed for young people, with the aim of improving leadership, communication, self-esteem and self confidence through workshops, qualifications, 1:1 mentoring support, group discussions and physical exercise. Our programme results in more confident young people, who are more qualified, with an increased set of qualifications, enabling improved chances of volunteering and work opportunities. We provide a volunteering pathway, in addition to apprenticeship opportunities. 

Our personal development programme is for 11–16-year-olds 

The Personal Development Programme also serves as a youth crime prevention tool that targets young people who are involved in or at risk of becoming involved in youth crime, gang related activities or anti-social behaviour. We use a holistic approach that includes mentoring, family support and employability training. More young people will be able to make positive choices, develop plans and feel empowered to volunteer their time to help others. From our impact report - 2 in 4 young people go on to volunteer or enrol onto further fitness & education programmes

My name is Joshua Jones and I joined PBBA in 2014 when I was XX years old.  When I first joined the club I had no experience of boxing whatsoever but the vibe and feeling within the club give me a really good feeling.  The coaches and support staff were very welcoming and put me at ease almost immediately therefore I was really comfortable and excited to learn with them.  Over the years I have worked hard to develop my boxing skills and have been able to compete on several levels which I am really proud of. This has enabled me to gain confidence along the way which has been really helpful.  


There have been times when I disengaged from the club due to getting involved with things that I knew would not benefit me in the long term, however I always felt that I had a connection with the PBBA and every time I visited or just stopped by for a chat they encouraged me to continue with boxing and that helped me feel comfortable to step back into the gym when I was ready.  


Over the last 12 – 18 months I’ve worked hard to remain as focused and committed as possible towards boxing and I have also  worked as a volunteer supporting a range of projects and community based activities which the club provides.   This has been so helpful to me both personally and professionally as the staffing team recognised my commitment to the club and the community so when an opportunity came about to gain employment with England Boxing as Community Apprentice Worker, they supported me with my application.  As a direct result of the volunteering work that I had done with PBBA and with their support and encouragement, I am proud to say that I was successful in getting the job!  I’m now working full-time but I still continue to box to for the club as my aim is to compete at the highest level possible whilst continuing to work within the community.  I would like to thank all the staff and other volunteers at the club for there support throughout the years. 


(Josh pictured far right)

Joshua Jones

Attendee of the PD Programme & now aspiring boxer

Marcus Mcintosh
Personal development programme lead


Over the last 6 months of running the PD programme, I have seen kids come in with behavioural issues, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, and a breakdown in communication with schools. Through this provision, we aim to reengage kids with their educational studies and put plans in place for them to take ownership of their own futures. We have seen kids transform their lives since attending PD, with participants, parents and teachers noticing positive improvements. 

To refer a child onto our personal development programme, please email or call 0121 773 2784. 

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