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Schools & Education

Providing a unique and inspirational fully functional, traditional boxing experience, in a safe and controlled environment. 


Designed and delivered by professional qualified coaches and staff

Our bespoke service creates genuine impact and positive change by engaging young people as part of an extra curricular 12 week boxing award programme.


Learners will work towards a Boxing Award, recognised through England Boxing, which can be delivered as part of a BTEC, GCSE or DoE award.


Intervention & Behaviour Management

Disruptive elements surrounding young people in schools and communities range from disengagement and anti social behaviour, to committing crime whilst on the periphery of joining local gangs. Our coaches and youth mentors provide an intense 12-week programme to pupil referral units and schools. Our boxing and physical intervention model will focus on challenging behaviours and engage young people through targeted, boxing-led activities. Young people will learn to communicate better, improve self-discipline, self-awareness, and learn conflict resolution. 


Sessions can be delivered onsite or at Pat Benson Boxing Academy, throughout the day or after school. 

Health & Wellbeing: 


An awareness and improvement of health, fitness and lifestyle are fundamental to concentration levels, school attainment, self-belief, positive choices and routines later in life. Our staff tackle rising obesity levels and health inequalities, both physically and mentally.

Pad routines and punching combinations will improve communication, team work, problem solving, as well as balance and movement whilst developing basic and advanced motor skills. 


“Boxing seems to be the one that focuses them; it really improves their social skills. As soon as they’re put onto the boxing intervention their attendance will go up; they’re motivated to come in every day to get on to the programme the next week."

Paul Halfpenny

teacher, Hunters Hill College

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